Beauty acupuncture

Beautiful with needles on the face:

Set needles for beauty. Doesn't sound nice at first, but what acupuncture can do ...

What is beauty acupuncture?

Beauty acupuncture is based on the basic rules of traditional Chinese medicine. It was already practiced in ancient China and is still an insider tip today. As a gentle form of "lifting", beauty acupuncture offers fresher, both toned and rejuvenated skin and more vitality. Individually selected acupuncture points in the area of the face, body and ear are used. Deeper wrinkles can be treated specifically. Thanks to the correctly placed needles, the head, face and neck muscles are stimulated and relaxed.

How does it help the skin's beauty?

Good blood circulation to the skin is achieved via the acupuncture points. Organic and psychosomatic dysfunctions give the skin signals that can be influenced with the help of acupuncture treatment. Skin diseases can also be treated well with acupuncture.

Cosmetic treatment with beauty acupuncture

After a thorough facial cleansing and disinfection of the acupuncture points, particularly thin needles are placed in the corresponding points. Depending on the skin condition, a massage with a derma point roller is carried out before acupuncture. The needles have a dwell time of approximately 30 minutes.

Then the needles are removed and a hyaluronic foam is applied. Treatment should be given once or twice a week. A cure includes four to twelve treatments, depending on the skin condition. After that, refreshments at intervals of one to three months are recommended.

Who is beauty acupuncture for?

For everyone who wants an effective anti-aging treatment with a natural result.

When should you not do beauty acupuncture?

If one of the following applies to you, you should refrain from beauty acupuncture:

• severe heart problems

• extremely high blood pressure

• epilepsy

• Pregnant and nursing women

If you are not sure, ask your family doctor.