Good healing success with TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a gentle, holistic and effective healing art that is based on thousands of years of observations and findings, stimulates self-healing powers, involves the whole person in the treatment and does not only treat the disturbed organ. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), TCM, especially acupuncture, is very suitable for curing or alleviating many ailments and illnesses. The following experience reports from China Natur TCM use concrete examples to show how well acupuncture works. 

Mr. K. Bucher from Dagmersellen 68 years old bronchitis

“China Natur TCM is a highly recommended practice. Competent, friendly advice and treatment after an in-depth examination by our.
I have had persistent bronchitis for a long time and it also pinched my back. The treatment initially consisted of questions about the current state of health. Every time there was an acupuncture treatment with cupping and then a relaxing massage. All of this has significantly improved my complaints.
Wenn man sich wirklich auf diese besondere Behandlungsmethode einlässt und keine schnellen Erfolge erwartet, bekommt man eine stabile Gesundheit geschenkt.
My treatment is now complete. But if I get any complaints again, I will contact the China Natur TCM team immediately. "

Mr. R. Arnold from Reiden 40 years old leg pain

"I had very severe pain in my legs and nobody could find out what was causing it. I then noticed a flyer from China Natur TCM and decided to go there. After only a few sessions, there was an improvement in the legs. I decided to continue and can now walk painlessly again. The China Natur TCM convinced me. "

Mr. P. Scherrer from Uffikon 25 years old headache & finger pain

“For a few weeks now I had a headache that radiated from my neck to the back of my head and to my eyes. Due to the sport, I also had problems with the tendon on my middle finger, which repeatedly caused pain and restricted movement. The whole thing only improved to a limited extent with painkillers.
My parents already knew about acupuncture treatment and the China Natur TCM practice and had good experiences. So I tried to get rid of my pain this way.
After six treatments, the headache was gone. The tendon problem on the finger also improved from time to time and was successful after eight treatments. I can only recommend this treatment method and the China Natur TCM practice. Competence and friendliness are guaranteed. "

Ms. G. Tasson from Reiden 62 years old. Facial paralysis and eye problem

“I have had unilateral facial paralysis for 6 years. The results were slack muscles with serious consequences for my right eye. I couldn't blink my eye, nor could I close it completely. Over time, more complaints came up. The eye dried out too much and the cornea was so stressed that perforation occurred. A short time later, the cataract was added. The ophthalmologists found no suitable and lasting medication for me. A few months ago, they informed me that I was close to losing my eyesight. Surgery was out of the question because the healing process would not take place if the face was paralyzed.
I didn't want to lose my eyesight, so I looked for an alternative healing method and opted for acupuncture. After only a few treatments with China Natur TCM, I miraculously blinked again and closed my eyes completely.
Acupuncture was the right decision for me. I never thought that this method would work so quickly and effectively. The ophthalmologists were also amazed at the positive change in my eye. Since the eye nerve is now moving again, surgery is also an option.
Acupuncture has worked wonders for me. Many thanks to the China Natur TCM team. "

The China Natur TCM team thanks you for your trust. We intend to optimize and promote cooperation in the healthcare sector. Our offer is complementary to conventional medicine. We see ourselves as a link to problems in which conventional medicine cannot find a solution and patients are willing to use a form of therapy that was previously unknown to them.
Interested parties can also get to know us through a free, non-binding pulse and tongue diagnosis. During the subsequent consultation, our very experienced and highly qualified TCM specialist will be happy to answer your questions and also inform you about the limits of TCM in order to eliminate any ambiguities.